Weapons Of The 19th Century Essay

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Weapons in the 19th Century
In the early 19th century war and conflict were common amongst different regions and groups of people. War and fighting was a dreaded event as it took long periods of time and caused injury and death on both sides of the fight. Technology was constantly increasing and new advancements in warfare were always surfacing; some meant to improve fighting tactics and others were intended to end conflict at a faster rate. In the 19th century Warfare was changed tremendously with the development of the musket, the rifle, and the machine-gun as they increased the effectiveness of previous weaponry, changed in design, and increased the death toll. To begin, a musket is muzzle-loaded smooth firearm that is fired from the shoulder. Muskets were designed for use by the infantry, which are men who march and fight on foot. A soldier armed with a musket was called a musket man or a musketeer. By the early 1800’s the musket had been used for over 100 years however, new models were constantly being invented to enhance the effectiveness of the weapon. The gun was composed of a simple tube that led straight into the gun barrel. An explosive cap was placed right above the tube. “The cap contained fulminate of mercury, a compound that explodes when it is struck” (American Firearms Institute). Straight smooth grooves were cut into the barrel of the gun. This created a problem because when the bullet was pushed out of the barrel it would not have a since of direction and…

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