Weapons In The Dark Ages

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When people think of the Dark Ages, lots of them think of the black plague, death, and wars. Most of everything listed in association with the Dark Ages is on the darker side of things to happen in a time period. For example, there are many weapons of war made popular during the dark ages. 1Among the most popular weapons are the mace, crossbow, and a flail. In the Dark Ages, all men were supposed to know how to fight, and they were told to always be ready to go and fight for their kingdom. Therefore, these weapons were known extremely well by the common people and all of their enemies. There were two specific sections of fighter who used these tools. The first were the Foot soldiers, who were the sort of protective force for the Knights, the second group of fighters. The Foot soldiers were usually poor people whom were forced to fight in the certain battle by their masters or lords. However, Knights had to be wealthy to gain the position in the army. A Knight had to know how to …show more content…
The first this list, the broadsword, was a long and flat, and were mainly used to cause damage to their opponents armour. This also goes for other types of swords as well, like long swords. A spear would be a sharp blade mounted on a short or long piece of wood. It was the most common type of pole weapon in the Dark and Middle Ages. Finally, the flail, which is a cousin of the mace. They are practically the same weapon, only the flail has a chain connected to the spike ball at the end of the shaft.
These weapons of war are a part of one of the biggests interests in the study of the Dark Ages. Learning about Middle Age warfare and its weapons is fundamental in the combat we’ve used for centuries. Even though some of their practices are a little outdated, the weapons made popular during the Dark Ages advanced the skill level of the soldier and the effectiveness of weapons during this

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