Essay on Weapons As Aggression Eliciting Stimuli

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1) The authors Leonard and Anthony conducted the study weapons as aggression-eliciting stimuli because they wanted to see if weapons are linked to aggression in the human brain, since past research, such as the one conducted by Loew in 1965 called the Learning Task showed that aggressive words evoke aggressive behavior. Therefore, they wanted to see if the presence of a weapon would as well evoke aggression. They also conducted the study due to societal issues in the real world that have shown the increase in firearms aggression in both angry and non angry individuals causing a high number of deaths in our country, among peers, family and community.
2) Leonard’s and Anthony’s main hypothesis is the supposition that weapons will cause a more aggressive behavior on an individual when present, as opposed when a neutral object is present. The independent variables used for the study are the aggressive weapon which is the shotgun/revolver, a neutral object such as the badminton racquets and no objects at all placed on the table since those were changed, placed and controlled by the experimenters. As well as, the amount of electrical shocks given to them after their performance evaluation. Their partner rates them by electrocuting them with one shock as they did great or seven shocks judging their performance as terrible making the participants angry. On the other hand, the dependent variables in the study are the number of shocks and duration of electric shocks given to the…

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