Weapons And Automatic Capabilities Of The Media Essay

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barrels and automatic capabilities. It is not entirely the fault of the news station they report what people want to hear and that is violence. Seeing that there does seem to be a shooting every day, the media has the people confused on what gun control is in this country. But with opposition from the CDC and FBI it’s hard to believe anything that the media says about guns is true. Gun crimes are committed by criminals who hardly ever purchase guns legally, they would rather steal them or buy the weapon from a friend who can pass a background check (Cooke). The media outlets would have you believe that guns are being sold in droves to criminals through gun shows or websites that don’t require a background check. These are common lies told to scare people into falling in line to support a gun free America. However, it’s very uncommon to see a breaking headline about someone using a weapon to stop a criminal even though it happens daily (Hawkins). This certainly happens just as much as criminals use guns to commit crimes yet it goes much underreported. Guns are not the problem in this country, gun crime has been on the decline since the early 2000s (Cooke). The problem is that people have a bad idea about guns and gun owners in their minds so that when someone who isn’t too familiar with firearms sees headlines about gun violence he or she will usually back the anti-gunners.
Since he took officer president Obama has never held a favorable opinion on guns in America. He has…

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