Weaning Messages Essay

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In 2003 the Government’s recommendations for the introduction of solid food to babies changed from four months to six months. Many parents continue to introduce solid food earlier than six months despite being aware of the recommendations.

Delivering key messages about weaning has always been a part of the health visitors role. However, no formal, evidence based weaning intervention is currently being promoted to health visitors and advice continues to be communicated at the discretion of individual practitioners.

Very little research exists on this topic, much emphasis has been placed on encouraging breast feeding as the main focus infant nutrition literature. Yet childhood obesity is on the rise and establishing healthy
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The aim is to produce a strategy which will provide health visitors with more formal guidance for the delivery of weaning messages. The intended outcome is to increase the proportion of parents and carers who follow the current recommendations.


The objectives will include a review of current policy drivers, a discussion about parental attitudes to weaning and what is known about the risks associated with weaning prior to the recommended age. The available literature on strategies for delivering health promotion messages will be reviewed in order to aid the development of a change management strategy. The strategy will focus on implementing evidence based practice to positively affect the health of a community and will include discussion of how the strategy will be evaluated.


The area covered by

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