Essay on Wealth Gap

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Wealth Gap There are the rich and poor in every period in human history and everywhere in the world. Has the disparity between the rich and poor existed since ancient time? How does the disparity between the rich and poor come out? Has the disparity between the rich and poor became more narrow or wider? Although some people think that the gap between the rich and poor is more narrow because of the development of human society, the fact is that the disparity between the rich and poor is gaining because of the change of the structure of workforce, Matthew Effect in economy, unscientific social welfare system, unreasonable tax policy and knowledge explosion. Many people think that the rich-poor gap is more narrow today because of …show more content…
The Matthew Effect can widen the gap by affecting the next generation. If a child’s parents are poor people, they can not afford a good education, good food or good medical care condition for their child. Their child still can not do complicated jobs and get high pay in the future because the child have no chance to receive a education to grasp necessary knowledge or skills. The possibility of their child falling ill is also much higher than the children in rich family because of the child’s poor growing condition. So the child may not change the situation of the poor family and may be a poor person like his or her parents. The phenomenon keep going, poverty will be passed down from one generation to another generation. So the family will never get out of poverty and only have to be poorer. The Matthew Effect also can widen the gap by disturbing the poor to earn money with their assets. The rich can use their disposable money to do somethings which can bring them more benefits, such as banking, investment. It means the rich can earn more money by managing money. The more assets the rich have, the easier for them to make money. The poor have a little or even no disposable money, the only function of their money is offering the daily cost of their families. So they have no chance to earn money from their asset and it also will be harder for them to earn money. Matthew Effect in economy is consisted of some aspects like these, it really can widden the

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