Wealth And Success Of Today 's Market : A Synthesis Essay

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Wealth and Success in Today’s Market: A Synthesis
Through hard work and dedication to education, one will succeed in in their life. Children all over America hear this every day. It is one of the biggest components of the American Dream, but is it true for everyone? Sadly, it is not. “Generation R: The Changing Fortunes of America’s Youth” by Don Peck is in agreement with “Are Recent College Graduates Finding Good Jobs?” in saying that the American Dream now function as a myth, particularly when discussing success and wealth. The texts concur in that today’s society especially, working hard and succeeding in the classroom is not always enough. Careful analyzation of these works can allow one to see even deeper into the myth. One can see that even though it has been pressed into the minds of young Americans, success and wealth is not always achievable through hard work and proper education, and this is especially true in today’s society and economy.
The article titled “Are Recent College Graduates Finding Good Jobs?” by Abel, Jaison, Richard Deitz, and Yaqin Su begins by stating that many recent college graduates are having trouble finding jobs that utilize their education, but this is not new information. There have always been issues job hunting and starting a career. Unfortunately, the article then goes on to show how the unemployment rates of the more recent graduates have risen, along with their underemployment rates (underemployment occurs when a person works at a job…

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