Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Teacher Case Study

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Summary of Weaknesses (Teacher Assessments)

Davy will hit himself in the head with his hand. Ms. Maestri-primary teacher
Davy sometimes will bite down on his hands. Ms. Maestri-primary teacher
Davy needs help to trace, write and remember numbers higher than ten. Ms. Maestri-primary teacher
If Davy is playing with his peers he will sometimes grab a toy out of their hands, pinch, or put his hands around their hands or legs. Ms. Maestri-primary teacher
Davy will sometime run around the classroom at times Ms. Maestri
Davy struggles with his speech due to the speech delay. Mr. Ahmed-one to one para

Davy is easily distracted if a video is on, or if children are playing outside
Mr. Ahmed-one to one para

Davy has a short attention span.
Mr. Ahmed-one
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According to the parents written documentation, at home, Davy sometimes responds to requests, otherwise the request must be repeated several times for him to respond. Davy enjoys the computer and IPAD (Utube watching videos) and playing outside. He does have some chores at home which include; putting his toys away when he is done playing with them. Ms. Machado feels Davy often appears happy and smiles. He gets along most of the time with his siblings, however he usually prefers to play alone. He does attend church in the community with his family and when he is in the community with family, he will often run around and yell at …show more content…
She mentioned that an in-home FBA was completed by another Behavior Analyst (Amanda Rutledge). They are currently in the home two days a week working individually with Davy. Davy often appears very hyper in the home. To assist with reducing some of the hitting, eloping and attention seeking behaviors they have implemented behavior plans to assist with focusing on enhancing his verbal communication. He is encouraged to use his words rather than pointing or making sounds. In Ex. If he is outside and wants to get in the swing, he is prompted to ask for help with getting in the swing. Gestures and beginning sounds are made by the staff working with him to prompt him to ask for help. If he responds appropriately to the “Mand” Davy says hello, he is positively reinforced for the correct

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