Weaknesses Of Amazon

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SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is a very good tool to identify internal and external factors effecting an organisation. SWOT stand for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Where Strengths and weaknesses are internal, opportunities and threats are external.

Strengths –
i) Local suppliers – One of the strength of the company is that, the products company is looking for are available locally. So, company don’t have to invest lots of money to import products from outside. ii) Range of Products – Indigenous Produce will be selling farm products like poultry, vegetables and fruits. The products company selling will be fresh and organic, and New Zealanders are interested to buy fresh food products so it will be a good strength for the company. iii) New Graduates – Indigenous produce is planned by new graduates. Their experience might be less but there motivation and energy will be very high. Because to start a new business motivation and high energy is very important.
Weaknesses –
i) Less experience – the people those are going to start the new business are fresher from the university.so, there is a chance that they could have less experience that can cause problems. ii) Reputation – reputation is very important thing to make loyal customers. The planed company will be
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This smartphone will have amazing features those will make online accessibility of many features easy and convenient. I per my research on this case study, Amazon’s corporate strategy am to expend its digital marketing products. The corporate strategy of Amazon is to enter into the telecom industry as well. The new smartphone will have features like taking a photo of a book and find out its availability on Amazon. By this the company can have more opportunities to sell online products. On the other hand services like barcode reading, getting information of pictures on internet will also help to expend amazon’s business in other

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