Weaknesses Is Not Having Enough Self Confidence Essay

1555 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page

I have weaknesses just like the next person, but one of my weaknesses is not having enough self-confidence. I tend to second guess myself when I make decisions. I always want to make sure I make the right one. My self-confidence was low before I came here, despite the full support I had backing me up. I wanted to please my family with going to a school that wouldn’t cost them a fortune and allow me to be proud of the university that I graduate from. For the twenty previous years of being told I would make the wrong choice if I graduated from a school that possessed the color orange, I was afraid of telling my parents this was where I wanted to be. I applied here without telling them because I was afraid of being talked out of the decision I would make. When my parents told me they would support me not matter what school I went to, it made me feel better, but not enough to change self-confidence into becoming a strength instead of a weakness. In the professional world, I am going to need to be confident in the decisions I make or I might give people the impression I can be walked all over. I don’t like for other individuals to see my weaknesses. I am in the processes of boosting my self-confidence and learning how to second guess myself less. This weakness will take time to overcome and I am willing to invest my time to change it.

Though I possess the skill of perseverance, I am very good at procrastinating, especially tasks that I don’t find interesting. I have…

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