Weaknesses And Strengths Of Proposal

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Register to read the introduction… According to Netting, O’Conner & Fauri (2008), rational planning and prescriptive approaches are often “plans for intervention that work in solving problems”. There contained no a concrete and clear statement of need shown to the potential funder, and therefore the funder would not be able to appreciate the need to fund the programme, no matter how good it is …show more content…
They were merely visionary statement that did not illustrate the time frame and expected performance. Taking one objective as an example, it was stated that the objective was “to encourage students to broaden their view of their social life and to help them to get social experience by arranging visits and interaction with social bodies” (p.4). Patently, there were no time frame and measurable criteria to assess how to successfully encourage students to broaden their view of their social …show more content…
In this case, it should be employed in order to deliver more solid objects that were expected to buy in the item ‘Miscellaneous’.

Absence of proposal conclusion
Conclusion of the proposal is usually used to call attention to the future, in which you are able to outline some follow-up activities that might be undertaken to being the next fundraising (Geever, 2001). But it was not presented in the proposal. It may well hinder the future’s development of the project to which it is of no good. As the final appeal for the project (Geever, 2001), this proposal failed to move the funder further.

Technically speaking, the proposal did not mention how the leadership skill could be built by attaining those attributes, i.e. there is no definition of ‘Leadership’. In short, the proposal was detailed and informative that could give a clear picture to the reader. However, the planner failed to organise the useful materials to present to the potential funders. Missing out the statement of need and conclusion has made the proposal less persuasive to readers; no matter how thoughtful and seamless the proposal is, as it is directly

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