Weakness Of Transactional Leadership

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Register to read the introduction… This is a real weakness as the required skill level of the employee goes up, as they what to be involved and part of the process, rather than just a task doer. According to Advise America magazine: “This also limits its follower that wishes to engage with higher level of professional environment. Motivating is not effective this type of level, these followers is much motivated in unique individual way. The punishment and reward are very basic to a motivator of this level of subordinates”. Advise America (2016). I have found that as the position requires more skill level to perform the task personal initiative becomes a bigger factor and must be addressed.
Lack of creativity is also a weakness with transactional leadership due to the goals already being set leading to a follower needed to just complete the task rather than add additional value to the task needed. According to Pamela Spahr from St. Thomas University, “Creativity is limited since the goals and objectives are already set”. Spahr Pamela (2016). Transactional leadership works well within large organizations with set goals and processes or the military were a lack of creativity would not be such a
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I plan on using order lines shipped to measure my stated goal. This goal is attainable as I am asking for an improvement of only 4.7%. If the goal would be to improve OTS (On-Time Shipping) by 20% this would be an extremely lofty goal that would not be achievable in a short time. My time frame would be to achieve this in one month. This goal will work towards improving structure, which will improve and strengthen my transactional leadership key strengths of structure, getting results fast and efficiency with the overall goal of managing more effectively within the …show more content…
I will create a team of five floor level employees to fully analyze the current process of picking and packing customers orders for shipment. The team will be removed from their daily duties and will use two full days to map out the current process and come up with solutions to achieve the desired goal. Secondly I will have the team use a standard continuous improvement method in finding the ultimate solution. Using a MBPM (Metric Based Process Map), the team will look at current process and remove non-value added steps in the process. Once complete all steps in the process will only be truly value added to the goal.
For my second goal of improving receiving accuracy, I will use a similar approach as stated above to achieve 4% receiving accuracy improvement. But will use some slight differences as this will need a different approach.
I will create a team of six that will include members of shipping, purchasing and operations. I will need a bigger mix of associates to achieve this goal as the scope could be larger than my first

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