Essay on Weakness Of The Article Of Confederation

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Weakness of the Article of Confederation
During the course of the Second Continental Congress in 1777, the Articles of
Confederation were adopted for the proposal of a central institution. This meeting started in 1775, gathered many of the most brilliant minds of that period at Pennsylvania. Delegates were sent from the thirteen colonies to represent in the convention. The convention was a series of meeting, on the attempt to solve political and social issues. One of the major concern was the concept of distribution in power. The Articles of Confederation was drafted for this purpose. After the colonies ' break from Great Britain, the document was intended to devise a system of government for the newly-united America. It established the fundamental framework of a national government. Finally, in 1781 did all thirteen colonies ratified the Articles. Despite it 's intention to control military and foreign affairs, the Articles of Confederation indicated signs of weakness among the new nation. Many reasons concluded to its failure to completely unified as a strong nation-state. Even though this compromise to many delegates were considered weak, it was accepted in a case of an absence formal government. Conflicts would erode from this flawed policy which means that the Articles of Confederation needed to be replaced.
The most important element that exemplified it 's weakness was the idea of confederacy. Its colonies thus not an united nation but a group of loosely-linked…

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