Essay about We Work Hard For Our Money But Not Enough Pay

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We work hard for our money but not enough pay.
"Jobs are important and we 're not business oriented enough to allow small businesses to hire more folk. The minimum wages is NOT a living wage. It 's a place to get experience, but the new generation is too lazy to try." by Hanna Brooks Olsen
The argument across the United State is how can a person make a living from minimum wage pay and live an American life has been a huge argument for deck ages that have arisen a lot of eyebrow of fellow American and politician. Minimum wages is something that have been a topic for years where in our time the president Obama have been pushing for minimum wages to increase in the year of 2015. Small business and large business are heated up about the subject of paying their employees more pay for their performance at work. Politician and the government believe that fellow American can make a living off of minimum wages but American citizens saying another that minimum wages is not enough pay to take care of their family needs to live the American lifestyle. American people feel that making 7.50 an hour for minimum wage is a low blow to the stomach for anybody to try to survive off of and the upper class and the rich are making more money are not going to complain. Due to the National Industrial Recovery Act minimum wages have been a huge problem to place every American citizen on a balance pay to be able to care for their family and live a stress free life of being in debate or poor. The…

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