We Wear The Mask Analysis

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In the poem “ We Wear the Mask” by Paul Laurence Dunbar, we are introduced to a series of symbolism, enjambment, connotation, and alliteration, all of these elements working together to emphasize the true meaning behind the words. The poem is considered to be in Rondeau form and also follows in iambic tetrameter with stressed and then unstressed syllables occurring four times in each line. Dunbar combines all of these elements of poetry, to stress the idea that humans hide their true feelings behind masks of happiness, when in all actuality, guile only makes the world a harder place to live.
Dunbar wastes no time in the making of this poem, the message behind his words is brought to the front in the very first two lines. “We wear the mask thats grins and lies, it hides our cheeks and shades our eyes”, these words suggest that we humans hide behind a facade of fake smiles and false happiness to spare others the feelings that we are actually
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The first two lines ask the question, when something is so obviously right in front of your face, why is it so hard for us to take notice? There seems to be connotations with the word “counting,” suggesting that the word is actually tiresome, and that maybe there is actually, no way of counting “all our tears and sighs”. The next lines (8-9) suggests that the world makes the choice to see only the mask, and not what awaits behind it. Whether this is because the truth is harder to accept, or people just lack the sympathy for others, it is made clear to use here, that the problem comes from both sides of the mask. Not only does the world refuse to look behind this mask, but the people wearing the mask refuse to remove it. Thus suggesting that, this problem can only be resolved by both parties. Enjambment is also used for the first between these lines, contributing to the importance of this idea, by encouraging the reader to hear a sense of

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