Essay about We Walked Down The Street Towards The Bowling Alley

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As we walked down the street towards the bowling alley, I noticed a warm sensation within my stomach. “What in the world is this feeling?” I thought to myself. I also noticed I felt relatively relaxed, considering this was my first date with any female, and my first time holding the hand of someone other than my mother when I was little. “Whoa...” I said out loud. “Hmm?” she said, giving me an irrefutable look. I looked her in the eyes, scrutinizing her distinctive look. As I stared into her green eyes, I had felt like I was sitting on a bed of grass on the side of a mountain. I felt the sun 's warmth, the soft grass, a gentle breeze, when all of a sudden; BAM! I managed to run right into a trash can which was conveniently located in my path. “Ahhhhh!!” I screamed. As I grabbed my knee in agony, she looked me in the eyes and said: “My goodness, you’re quite aware of your surroundings.” Now, I was upset, she was mocking my pain when she was the reason it even happened! At the same time, I felt chilled inside, calm and relaxed; see, when I looked her in the eyes this sensation became alive again.
Simultaneously, I realized this is what friends do, especially best friend; we have fun and laugh at each others pain. As long as it isn’t too serious, of course. I felt pleased, knowing that even though I wanted to avoid getting too close romantically, that we were naturally good friends. We got along extremely well, we’re comfortable with one another, and enjoyed spending time…

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