We Should Wear A Cross Body Purse Essay

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Every year thousands of vacationers fall victim to the rising crime rate. Stay safe traveling this summer by following these tips.

The National Crime Commission warns that criminals target people on vacation because they are in unfamiliar territory and easy targets. Whether you are traveling to the Olympic Games in Brazil or just to the local beach for the weekend, these tips are very relevant.

Check your Baggage
Thieves wander around airports, train stations, bus stations, searching for travelers juggling several pieces of luggage. Vacationers trying to maneuver several pieces of luggage are easy targets. It is important to stay a hard target. Minimize the luggage down to one or two pieces. Label the luggage and list the items in each bag. For example, body care products, personal products, clothing, accessories, jewelry. Here’s a tip: take digital snapshots of luggage just before a trip for quick identification. Keep all luggage locked to discourage luggage thieves.

Watch Your Cash
Women should wear a cross-body purse. These are close to the body and make you a harder target. Never swing your handbag freely from a wrist or shoulder. Don 't flash a lot of cash. Don 't count cash in the open. A thief might grab that cash and run. Men should place their wallets in a front inside jacket pocket to discourage pickpockets. Never place the wallet in the back pants pocket where a thief might quickly snatch and run.

Confident Attitude
Thieves look for easy targets or tourist…

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