We Should Use Death Row Inmates As Subjects For Medical Testing Rather Than Animals

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We should use death row inmates as subjects for medical testing rather than animals

The debate about using death row prisoners as subject for medical testing rather than animals is an interesting topic to discuss. This is because people always give different opinions when human life is involved. There are people who support this while other opposite it. The reasons for supposing this topic is as follow;

The main aim of any medical experiments is develop a cure or vaccines for any pandemic diseases such as tuberculosis, measles or HIV/AIDS. When prisoners are used in this research the speed of developing this vaccines and cure will be fast because the human genetic will give accurate result of how the drug react with the body of human. When animal are used in the similar research the final data will not be 100% accurate due to different analogy and body component (Macklin, 234). Therefore, the use of inmate for medical experiment will save millions of life. This will ensure that the inmates have paid back the debt they owe the society.

The application of death penalty to inmate is the ultimate sacrifice for human right. Therefore, it appropriate to use such an opportunity for good course which in this cases is medical testing of inmates as they await their execution. Death row prisoners are people who committed serious crime and disobeyed the law. The state always pass death sentence to them so as to sacrifice one for the better of many…

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