We Ride North On The River Path Essay

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“Oh, Maxen, help,” Audra groaned, writhing around on the frozen grass in the training ring. “I thought I was supposed to get in better shape as time went on. Today killed me!”
“You took more hits than usual.” He helped her to her feet. “You’re doing an excellent job and you never shrink back. After a time, you’ll hardly notice the blows.”
“Doubtful… Can we ride now? I’d like to ride north on the river path. I need peace and to be far away from everyone.”
So we may speak openly, she thought.
Maxen pressed his lips together into a tight line. “Yes, that sounds good. Is your skin full?”
“With wine,” she said with a smile.
“Necessary, perhaps.”
Audra and Maxen retrieved their horses from the stables and rode out. They made it further north than Audra had ever gone, and stopped once they made it to a tall rock wall at the Hael with a grazing pasture nearby. They allowed the horses to roam but kept a close eye on them at Maxen and Audra took seats by the water’s edge.
Now consistently cold out, sheets of ice flowed down the river, but the bright sunshine and the buffer of the tall rock wall kept them comfortable.
“I have an idea, Maxen.” Audra adjusted her thick cloak. “What it today we speak the truth for once, and then never again. Why don’t we get it all out in the open?”
“That scares me. I fear what you’ll think if I speak the entire truth.”
She shrugged her shoulders. “Then I can go first. Would that make you feel better?”
“No.” He picked up a pebble and tossed it into…

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