We Real Cool By Bell Hooks Essay

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Money, power, drugs, just a few factors author bell hooks used to go in more depth of the deteriorating psychology of the young black man in America in her book “We Real Cool”. hooks began her own personal study because of the current mindset that the average young black man in America has. She began to notice that black men started to lose what she would like to call “Cool”. hooks describes “Cool” as such, “Black male cool was defined by the ability to withstand the heat and remain centered. It was defined by black male willingness to confront reality, to face the truth, and bear it not by adopting a false pose of cool while feeding on fantasy; not by black male denial or by assuming a “poor me” victim identity. It was defined by individual black males daring to self-define rather than be defined by others.” (hooks 1) hooks began to realize that this standard and definition of cool started to disappear as the new generation began. In response of this discovery, hooks began to look into what the cause of this may be, hooks then realized that media was a major influence of this new age psyche that sent many young black men down a terrible path by spewing out patriarchal ideas through media outlets like television and music. hooks compared the Jazz/Blues generations to the modern-day Rap/Hip-Hop generation on each side’s level of coolness. She criticized the modern-day generation of artist and their facade of a mantra of “Keeping it Real”, in her book she stated, “Patriarchal…

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