We Never Stop Working For You Essay

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“We never stop working for you”, is the slogan displayed by one of America’s largest broadband and telecommunications provider that remains to provide great service not only to Americans, but the entire world due to its innovations and sustained efforts aimed at transforming communication.The Verizon logo consists of graphically stark and simplistic signs, featuring masculine black and red colors. The red “z” is supposedly a visual trick and roughly appears like an electric spark. The logo also contains a prominent red check in a distinct line weight which typifies the origin of the company, the Latin word “veritas”, implying certainty and trustworthiness and horizon. It also symbolizes the forward-looking and visionary attitude of the company (1).
Verizon Communications Incorporatedbased in our familiar New York City and is incorporated in Delaware.The company was formed on June 30, 2010, with the merger of Bell Atlantic Corporation and GTE corporation. Verizon, a global leader in over 150 countries providing broadband, wireless and other wire line communication services to mass market business, government and wholesale customers. Verizon also delivers seamless advanced fiber-optic-network to residential and small business customers around the world.
While Verizon is justly a 21st century company, it’s noted that the mergers that formed Verizon were many years in the making, involving companies with roots that can be traced to the beginning of the telephone business in the…

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