We Need Immigration Reform For America Essay

1078 Words Apr 28th, 2016 5 Pages
We need immigration reform in America. The current system protects neither the immigrant from unlawful work practices, nor the American worker from lower wages. Donald Trump focuses on the American worker’s side, and he would be the first to say that we have a tremendous problem. His website states that Americans have lost countless jobs, our infrastructure is falling apart, and we continue to support illegal immigrants and send foreign aid to Mexico (“Immigration Reform”). While almost everyone in America agrees that immigration reform needs to happen, experts are united in the belief that Donald Trump’s plan is not the best way to do that, and there are several reasons why. Donald Trump’s proposal is fight back against the Mexican government. Allegedly, the Mexican government is deliberately exporting its poor to America. And those poor illegal immigrants go on to commit crimes in America. To stop illegal immigration Trump will build a thousand mile long and 30 foot tall wall out of steel and concrete along the Mexican border. The wall will take 4 years to build (“Immigration Reform”). Trump estimates that the wall be cost 8 billion dollars. Mexico will pay that 8 billion dollars (Kessler). If Mexico refuses to pay, Trump will force them to by raising fees on everyone and everything coming from Mexico (“Immigration Reform”). Based on the idea that Mexico would rather pay a onetime 8 billion payment than enter a trade war with the United States, Trump is planning on…

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