Essay on We Need For Educational Success

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In Yeonmi Parks memoir, In Order to Live, she undergoes many hardships that can be related to Americans. Throughout her journey to live she experienced difficult experiences that would not be known to most Americans. Some of her troubles included: human trafficking, rape, forced labor, kidnapping, and a catalytic growth for independence. Although, I have not experienced hardships close hers I can relate to her need for educational success in the most competitive circumstances. As a 17-year-old freshman, I am always competing with my classmates and those in my career to be better and smarter.
Once Parks moved to South Korea she was distorted of most of her reality. Suddenly, she was free with large limitations of financial, societal, and academicals. With these limitations can a person really be free? In the United States of America (USA) born citizens are engraved with a strong culture to be independent and intelligent. Americans believe in hard work that will later receive a reward, independence and knowing ones rights (Henslin). According to Parks writings, I noticed similarities in South Koreas society and the United States in those cases stated above in culture. South Korea seemed like a different world and she had to think differently.
Parks was so unaccustomed to their culture that she went blank in front of her class because she did not know what the “Right answer” was for her personal “favorite color” (pg.216). During the start of her education in South Korea she…

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