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At this time, we didn 't think it was worth the fight." Alright, if your going to talk like that, I 'm going to need a new therapist.
It was March 2012 and I had been asking for a bike all year. Why a bike? Because it was a part of the Pre-k Curriculum. So basically, every student who was in pre-k had a list of goals. One goal on the list was for students to sit on a bike and pedal a bike. Nadia being in a wheel chair could not sit on a regular bike. So, she doesn 't need this goal right? Wrong, they made special bikes and she had been on one at outside therapy.
In the begining of the school year, the therapist had contacted me to ask more about the bike so that Nadia would have one.

Ms. Brooks,
I am working on obtaining a tricycle for Nadia to use for part of her outdoor recess time at school. I am wondering which one you have at home (I think you mentioned in IEP meeting that you have one for her). The smallest Rifton one I looked at requires an inside leg length of 17-22", and her length is 16" (1" off!). I can google to see if there are more, but I thought it would be beneficial to ask which one is working for her at home. Thanks for any information that you can give me! Ms. Cooper, M.S., P.T.
School-based Physical Therapist
Office: Camren High School

I have one that was for up to three years old. She is nearly to big for it now. However she does love it. It had a five point harness it was for typical children. Thank you,

Thank you, I will…

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