We Need A New Future For Haiti Essay

983 Words Mar 18th, 2016 4 Pages
For most people it’s difficult to explain and preach about things you haven’t experienced before.
How does one put something they have not had to overcome themselves into better perspective for others and spreading the word about the problems they may face. Creating a new future for Haiti will be something their people could only dream of. With some effort and support, we can feed the people as well as increase their quality of life. According to David Brooks in Nytimes (2010) “It’s time to tackle global poverty!”
As we all know Haiti is a very poor and overpopulated country that was destroyed by a natural disaster over six years ago. Families are left starving, dying from disease such as HIV and HPV and suffering from unemployment. This is no way for a country like this to survive, hopeless. We talk about how 15% of Americans live under the poverty line, and we think this is bad. While over in Haiti over 77% of the people live in poverty. The solution to the problem is a large one, and unfortunately not many are going to support such a country because what is the point? Haitians may have lost everything, they might have run out of the money given to them to put them back on their feet, that doesn’t mean we stop there. The children are affected by this so much worse than the adults. They grow up not knowing what it’s like to live a ‘normal’ life. Their life expectancy is shortened by too much. The longest they may have to live is only sixty-three years. The United…

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