We Must Teach A Lesson Essay

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I am really glad we got to plan for and execute this lesson before we actually teach a lesson in our classroom with the students. I not only was able to learn what went well and what I could work on but I also was able to learn from my peers and things that went well and what could be changed in their lesson. It was less pressure to do them with our classmates first than it will be to teach it in a class full of 4th and 5th grade students. For my lesson, I choose to do the topic of immigration because that is what they are going to be learning about next in social studies. This is the topic I did for my text set in this class. I was about to use some of the main questions and go from there. I also picked out the book Ellis Island, which was in my text set, as a big part of the lesson. I came up with a way to relate what we were learning to the student’s lives to try and get them engaged. There were some things that went really well while teaching the lesson. First off the timing of it was good. It was a lesson planned for 30 minutes. In class with the small group it only took about 20 minutes but our discussions were shorter than they will be with a class of 19 students because we will get to hear more responses. Also in the lesson taught to students there will be a time to turn and talk and also then they will get to share to the large group. In-class since I was only teaching three of my peers it was only possible to do a whole class discussion. Getting students to…

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