We Must Stop The Earth Essay

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The Ominous Advertisement

The earth is a place where all living things are living, or we can also call the earth our home. The earth gives good things to humans such as water, food, oxygen, beautiful landscape and the ocean; therefore, our lives depend on the earth. However, humans are so selfish and greedy because we take more than what we need, and we give back bad things to the earth. We destroy the earth in order to satisfy our desire. Humans release the toxic chemicals and garbage into the environment to kill our earth. Additionally, humans also devastate the forests and kill animals. The earth pollution affects the human’s health, causes many strange diseases and kills many living things. The earth has been destroyed by human day by day. The ad above is many different places on the planet are polluted by people. Moreover, the ad gives us a message that we must stop to poison the earth; we need to protect our home. If we don’t protect our earth, we will get a terrible consequence. The foundation of this essay will be built upon three major aspects from these images as well as the usefulness of every single aspect.
The first aspect of the ad is the location. The picture of the most polluted place on the world is ominous. The ad gives us the view of environmental pollution that expands all over the planet, and It shows how much we are hurting the earth through toxic chemicals, household garbage, and industrial waste. The ad also brings out the feeling of sadness and…

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