Essay on We Must Stop Deforestation Of The Forests

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Why Prevent Deforestisation “Forests cover 31% of the land area on our planet.” (WWF) While there is more land available for agriculture and industry, we should stop deforestation of the rainforests because of the loss of wildlife, loss of eco system, and devastating effects of climate change. The slash and burn technique to deforestation is the most popular method to clean the land. In order to fill the need for lumber, fuel, land for cattle and agriculture increase, we lose over “frothy-six thousand square miles of rainforest every year. The equivalent to forty-eight football fields a minute.” (WWF) The effects on the soil, atmosphere, water, erosion of the land and spreading disease are divesting to animals, plants and eventually human existence. Through the need to clear the land by any means possible illegal logging and poaching are rampant in the rainforest. The effects full effects of deforestation are not just isolated to the forest but the ripple effect is felt worldwide.
It is alarming to hear that in Borneo and Sumatra, “50,000 orangutans have died in the last two decades because their habitat has been destroyed for agriculture and logging.” (Good) Most the Borneo orangutan’s habitat has been destroyed by deforestation. “Per Orangutan Foundation this species plays a vital role in spreading the seeds of fruit trees in the rainforest.” (Good) If the orangutans disappear the service, they provide by spreading the seeds will decrease the food supply. Species…

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