Essay about We Must Protect Endangered Animals

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Protect All Animals Throughout history, many species of animals have gone endangered or extinct due to natural causes, diseases, and humans. In today’s world, many animals are now endangered such as the north white rhino, gorillas, and the list goes on. The world is losing so many species of animals in the society we live in today. In Africa, the government has made groups to hunt down poachers to prevent them from hunting down the wildlife. Many people say that we shouldn’t protect the endangered animals because of the cost it takes to protect them. We should protect endangered species, because there are many incidents where certain species have survived due the cause. Recently, many animals: rhinos, elephants, lions and other animals have been hunted in areas of Africa. They hunt certain types of animals for black market reasons and for sport. Protecting these animals would put an end to the increasing rate of animal extinction. A certain incident happened where the Cincinnati Zoo had shot a gorilla, Harambe, due to an irresponsible mother. Harambe was killed because of officials concerned for a kid, using lethal weapons instead of non-lethal. Although the news spread fast, little did people know that he was one of the few gorillas being protected from the extinction. Another incident happened where a dentist killed a lion, named Cecil. Many people protest these incidents but they do not help prevent it from happening again. Protecting animals has changed some way…

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