We Must Promote Global Health Essay

715 Words Oct 6th, 2015 3 Pages
“Think globally, act locally” a straight to the point slogan that everybody has, or should have, heard does not have as straight forward of a definition. To me this means one should always strive towards a stronger state of global health starting right in their respective communities. Just think, it has to start somewhere with someone; and that somewhere and someone could be you and me right here at Pfeiffer.
If you try to start at the broad scale of the total world population, which is over 7 billion now, you might seek triumph but in the end feel crushed. You cannot make the world better as a whole starting with trying to change everybody but if you work towards spreading knowledge to the community they can help you make a bigger impact in other places to start these big changes.
Some of these changes are easier than others to accomplish and some seem to be unfathomable by others in the world. This can include something as small as trying to clean up your neighborhood to evolve into something as large as preventing global warming. Without starting in your community and letting the people know that a change in behavior is needed in the world you will not be able to have support from others. Initiating a clean-up around the community and talking about the possible further precautions and activities to help the community can lead to people on a wider scale to join in. After getting everybody in the community involved you may be able to move up to neighboring communities or…

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