Essay on We Must Obey This Categorical Imperative

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“Act so that you use humanity, whether in your own person or in that of another, always as an ends and never as a means only” According to Kant, we should obey this categorical imperative because this itself proposes an end.In here he does not refer to the “end” as something you want to achieve or get, but as something why we act. To treat human being as ends rather than merely means means to to love my neighbor as myself has to be an end in itself and not a means to achieve what suits me better. Our ultimate goal should be the concern for humanity and not for personal interest or benefit. Thus, taken to humanity and our actions in favor of it as an end and not a means to achieve our goals. Kant thinks that human beings are ends in themselves because respect is based on our ability to reason; we have unconditional value not as things but as agents with free will; we can act on rules that we devise and that’s an indication of our autonomy. As agents and not things, we have dignity and infinite value; we are irreplaceable, incomparable, and unique no price tags. Kant seeks for moral actions to focused on the human being and to be seen for inside out in order for that “out” to be taking in. Therefore, that all of our actions are taken in full knowledge of the facts and according to the laws of duty. With this, people are responsible for themselves and consequently about the society in which they live. Thereby, avoiding people to think about their own good as a selfish…

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