We Must Make A Healthy Foods Essay

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For the first time in history, Americans spend more money eating out than buying groceries per Fox News (2015). Since December of 2015, I have been eating out, which has impact my income and my overall health. In my self-study, I decided to chart how much money I was wasting by eating out, how much I was wasting by eating at home. I also started learning how to cook and monitoring what I put in my meals. I have found that I am saving a great amount of money. I am also learning how to cook. I do not feel as guilty eating because I know I am making better choices. The body gets addicted to junk food. Once the body stops ingesting junk food, the body goes through withdrawals and begins to detox. My goal is to reduce the amount of time I eat out. If I do eat out, I must make a healthy choice. I am trying to improve my health and what I am doing this by learning how to cook simple healthy foods.

I am coming close to culminating my studies. I am soon to become a teacher. I have come to realize that a teacher’s job is more than just teaching a lesson, the teacher is a role model. An elementary school teacher teaches multiple subjects including, physical fitness. How can I motivate my students to live a healthy lifestyle if my lifestyle is not healthy? Lately, I have not made the best food choices. I have been eating out every day. The main reason I was eating out was because I did not know how to cook, and that has cost me a lot of money. Now, eating…

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