We Must Help Our Educational System Essay

1670 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
We as Americans uplift ourselves on our education practices. The praise that we give ourselves is great. However, what we don’t like to point out is the fact that our education plans is only updated every so often, and that we do not focus so much on results for the right reasons, but more for competition purposes.
Other countries around the world are most definitely passing us when it comes to our education and their education. We are the only country that has to participate in school for so long, yet we are still lacking in the updated plans department, and the results department. I feel as though the world is changing all of the time therefore the things that we need to know about the world needs to be able to manipulate our educational system.
When I say manipulate our educational system I mean worldly ways need to make their way into our education plans. Our world has become so modernized and so technologically advanced that our old methods of doing things is not going to work. We see examples of stronger methods changing the way job forces work. For example, in the 1980’s there was a game show called “Press Your Luck”. On that show you had to press a stop button to stop on a certain amount of cash. However, if you stopped on one of the animated characters you would lose all of your money. The makers and producers of the game used a six series pattern to try and shake up the results of the game. A man named Michael Larson participated in the game and ended up walking…

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