Essay about We Must Be Environmentally Responsible

801 Words Jun 30th, 2016 4 Pages
«Home» - is not just a preachy movie that convinces us to protect our environment. We must be environmentally responsible, but the basic idea of the picture is still worth another thought, which could further affect the outlook of people.
"Faster and faster" - repeats the narrator in the film, referring to our unrestrained consumption of everything, but the refrain creates a feeling of anxiety. As if we repeat that we are getting closer and closer to approximate our death. It surrounds us with an ecological disaster denser and denser. «Home» is not only popular science teaching. This film is a warning, one might even say, a dystopia or a disaster movie. It shows us what happened to our homeland as a result of our greedy lives over the past 50 years. Diverse life on Earth exists for billions of years, and we live on it only 200 thousand years. However, what harm did we bring in the last century? So many unique plants and animals disappeared; we have exhausted the natural resources and spoiled the air and water! It is just for some four decades! This is worth considering when viewing this picture and draw conclusions about our place in this vast universe. If we do not save the planet from extinction, then very soon we will simply cease to exist. We are in agony, but the earth is still beautiful. However, its beauty is adjacent to the lifeless landscape left after our activities, and ugly metropolitan areas, where it is impossible to see the stars in the sky. Thus, if we do not…

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