Essay We Must Be Consumed As A Nutritious Food Replacement

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The name of the company, “Cheers for the Cure” a nonalcoholic beverage company.
The significance of this NAB is to be able to be consumed as a nutritious food replacement. It will contain a required daily consumption amount of proteins, calcium, vitamins and other essential elements. The drink will be sold fresh this is a good source of nutrition for the unhealthy eaters, on the go people, or as an emergency food supply.
Mission Statement “A cheer’s (toast) to save a live, one drink at a time all cross the world.” Let’s STOP cancer before it starts, by drinking this drink it is a high chance that you can stop it before it start, a healthy start of life.
Rational for its content “Cheers to the Cure,” intends to create a pleasant, enjoyable, and refreshing high quality nonalcoholic beverage that can be enjoyed by all ages. We will be sensitive to providing great taste and consider the cost of other drinks on the market. Our intention is to provide the best possible value to our customers while keeping the high quality ingredients that make our products nutritionally beneficial. The company means to offer this at generally reasonable costs and 50% of the proceeds will go towards finding a cure for breast cancer. It targets individuals from all areas of the social class.
Name of Product
The Product is PomABerry.
Range/nature of Product This is a natural fruit drink that contains fresh fruit no artificial preserves or sweet added.

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