We Know Eyes Are Watching You Essay

754 Words Oct 13th, 2015 4 Pages
Someone is watching you. We all get the creeps from time to time and feel like someone is watching us. Some call it the sixth sense. “How you know eyes are watching you” by Ilian Shrira talks about the psychology behind being “watch.” The article challenged me to understand how being “watch”affects us and how we react . This correlates with the class, in that the article explains the psychology behind a person’s reaction to being watch. The article also helps me better understand what is going on in my mind and other people’s mind, and therefore react appropriately. “How you know eyes are watching you” is a great article that taught me something new, is compatible with Introduction to Psychology, and it gave me a new understanding of the human mind. The human brain has specific functions to react to someone monitoring the person. The article talks about human mind reacting differently to distinct types of being surveyed. According to “How you know eyes are watching you,” the brain reacts differently to being directly observed, versus someone observing something in around ourselves. The brain activates different brain cells for being observed and others for someone looking towards a person area. A human brain has developed a method to monitor where other humans are looking. This is challenging for me to understand because I’m not good at learning about the physical process the body makes. Although, I am good at learning about the mental process the mind undergoes due to…

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