We Have All Heard About Global Warming Essay

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We have all heard about global warming. Still we hear debates on whether its effects are real or not. Most people today believe that it is a real thing, but cannot accept that it is something that will affect their lives. People are always looking in the short run for what will make their lives more convenient and get them through their day easier. Jared Diamond, a Professor of Geography at UCLA and Pulitzer Prize winner, wrote an essay in Time magazine addressing how our actions affect us. He stated, Before our twin sons were born in 1987, I had often heard about all the environmental problems projected to come to a head toward the middle of this century. But I was born in 1937, so I would surely be dead before 2050. Hence I couldn’t think of 2050 as a real date, and I couldn’t grasp that the environmental risks were real. After the birth of our kids, my wife and I proceeded to obsess about the things most parents obsess about--schools, our wills, and life insurance. Then I realized with a jolt: my kids will reach my present age of 65 in 2052. That’s a real date, not an unimaginable one! My kids’ lives will depend on the state of the world in 2052, not just on our decisions about life insurance and schools (455). In this excerpt you can see how most people think; we don’t look past our own lives. We are, dare I say, selfish about our lives. Like Diamond stated, we don’t see the future as a real date when in reality it will be for our future generations.
So what does this…

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