We Have A Stray Dog Essay examples

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“I think we have a stray dog,” I explain while he refills the dog’s bowls. “Can you check under the deck?” “How would an entire dog get underneath our deck?” he asked condescendingly. “I’m not sure! Just believe me, something is under there,” I exclaim pointing at the deck. Despite investigating for a solid thirty minutes, my father returns with no news of seeing a stray dog. While the howling is too loud for me, he sleeps through the night without hearing anything. However, because neither of us has seen the dog, there is no conclusive evidence of any dog, besides our own, being beneath our deck. Therefore, is saying that “I know there is a stray dog” accurate, or is this just a strong belief? While searching for certainty in situations like the one posed above, it’s important to ask, “Can we know something that has not yet been proven true?” Before addressing the title, it is important that I clarify a few key terms. In defining knowledge, I will employ the metaphor of a map. A map, very similar to knowledge, represents a simplified version of the world in which reality is described based on relevant information and facts. For example, climate maps show the differing types of precipitation and climate in areas at the expense of physical features like roads and highways. The pair, most importantly, are both fluid entities that are revised and improved as new information is discovered or different interpretations of knowledge becomes known. Another important factor of…

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