We Got The Beat- Rock Music Through The Ages Essay

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Jaden Southworth
4 November 2016
We got the beat- Rock music through the ages The music industry is, and always has been, based purely off of supply, demand, and sales. It all began with the creation of sheet music; once music took a physical form, it was desired by rich aristocrats who paid for it in full. Then came the phonograph, a device invented by Thomas Edison that used phonographic disks to play recorded audio out loud. It was originally intended for the use of business documentation, but when that failed, music became the new idea. In fact, it was such a good idea that Emile Berliner invented the disc record or "gramophone". Although Edison thought of creating a disc phonograph, Berliner was the one who really got the ball rolling. Part of Berliner’s reasoning in this invention was his ability to make a large profit by their mass production. In 1893 he began selling his cheap gramophone player and seven-inch disc records made of hard rubber. When others began to make their own as well, the business began. Company after company was creating and selling these devices and disks. Shortly after, the record player and records were invented which coincided with the creation of pop and rock and roll.
In the 1940s we saw a musical transition from what was primarily “Ragtime” music in the forefront, to some newer genres. Pop music began to take form when artists like the Dorsey Brothers helped to put other artists like Frank Sinatra into the mainstream. When people think…

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