Essay on We Communicate Through Film As A Metaphor For Conversation

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We communicate through film. In contemporary society, film is a metaphor for conversation, as Postman argues in chapter one of his novel, “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” film is a metaphor for technologies and techniques that permit people to exchange messages. The message exchange includes expressions of concepts, ideas and beliefs. In return, this exchange of messages helps fuel the debate and topics of discourse in society. Film plays a substantial representation of the way people communicate with each other, so “our languages, are our media.” (Postman 1) In today’s society, film and its concepts are the one of the only real forms of discussion. Film often ignites real discussion and reflection about perspective and consciousness because there is less appreciation for speech or books in contemporary society. Filmmakers utilize the popular medium to start a conversation about vital or meaningful topics, but as Postman argues “ideas that are convenient to express inevitably become the important content of culture” and this content becomes a metaphor of our culture. Discourse cannot be dictated by content that is only convenient to express, discourse must also include content that permits people to develop understanding and appreciation for other ideas that they may not agree with. A way to develop an appreciation for other beliefs, as described in the textbook is through the ethnographic method. The ethnographic method is the, “immersion of investigators in the lives of the…

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