We Can 't Blame Obesity On Fast Food Essay

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“We Can’t Blame Obesity On Fast Food” is an article questioning the decision to blame America’s fast food companies for contributing to obesity. There is also a numerous amount of references to fast food having the same effects on people’s bodies as cigarettes. The author of this article wants to know is it ethical to blame fast food companies for America’s unhealthy eating decisions, and is it fair to compare the effect on fast food to your body, to the effects cigarettes have on the body? A. Claim: The fast food companies should not be targeted as the main cause of obesity.
This is an absolute claim. No exceptions or no qualifiers found.
B. Reasons: Why does any firm such as McDonalds, Burger King, sell a particular product? The answer is simple because consumers are demanding. Evidence: Americans have shown that they want cheap fast foods, and affordable food. So many of the fast food companies are supplying what is in demand. That is why these companies continue to profit.
C. Warrants: Is this reason good? Yes, because the reason shows that if American weren’t buying the food they wouldn’t make a profit, therefore the companies would discontinue to sell the food.
D. Counterarguments and Rebuttals: the author believes that the movement to punish the fast food industry is bringing about these allegations. Because of consumer demand, the author believes that the consumers are making the choice to purchase these products on their own free will.…

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