We Can Not Live Off Of $ 5.15 An Hour Essay

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“We cannot live on $7.25 an hour,” is what Americans were protesting about a few years back. Now minimum wage has boosted up to $10.50 an hour, in selected establishments. I worked in McDonald’s for four years and Americans were right, you couldn’t live off of the previous minimum wage. The real question is, should you have to live off of $7.25 an hour? McDonald’s is a starting job, not a career, unless you try to pursue a manager/supervisor position. With minimum wage shooting up to $10.50 an hour more problems are arising such as: employees being laid off; hours being cut; stores closing down; company’s relocating; and most importantly, automation. With minimum wage going up so high employers will find it easier to replace the employee with an automated machine. As of December 31, 2015, the Minimum Wage Act was changed. According to the New York State Department of Labor, “Minimum Wage for individuals working in the fast food industry is $10.50 per hour in New York City, and $9 per hour in the rest of the state. The Minimum Cash Wage for Tipped Workers in the Hospitality Industry is $7.50 per hour if they earn enough in tips.” Recently Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation enacting a statewide $15 minimum wage plan and a 12-week paid family leave policy. The legislation was passed as part of the 2016-17 state budget. This means that for all people employed by large businesses (11 or more employees), the minimum wage will rise to $11 an hour at the end of 2016, then…

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