We Can Not Be Happy Essay

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We Cannot Chose To Be Happy
Imagine you are a old man, nearly 90. Your family has neglected to care for you. You are alone, begging on a street corner. A younger man drives by you and tells you to stop begging, because, after all, someone has it worse off than you. Now you are a teenage boy, driven out of your home by abusive parents. You try to find help, and manage to find a friend whose parents will take you in. You go to school the next month, and your teacher tells you that you shouldn’t have left, because someone out there has it worse than you. Now you are a 12 year old girl. You live in a small village in a small, poor, foreign land. You have just lost your mother, and your father is trying to marry you off to your neighbors’ second oldest son. Your father tells you to stop crying. After all, someone has it worse. How would you feel being told this in any of these situations? Would you being happy, simply because you have it better than someone else? After all, someone has it worse.
Our world has a cultural bias that has spread land to land into the minds and hearts of almost every person. This bias is hurting everyone, and forcing a sense of false optimism and blinding us to the truth. This bias says that people are at their own personal fault for not being happy and it is killing the varied emotions that have grown through evolution to help us survive.
Humans have hundreds of emotions. These emotions are one of the things that breaks us away from the…

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