We Can Measure Sustainable Management And Sustainable Tourism

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Target 12.1 is to implement the 10YFP in all countries taking into consideration each ones capabilities, which can easily be measured by following up on which countries have actually implemented this plan.

For Target 12.2 and 12.b we can measure sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources and sustainable tourism using the Ecological Footprint, which “measures resource use by estimating the amount of bioproductive land that is necessary to support a given level of consumption.” (White 403)

Target 12.3, which aims to halve per capita global food waste at both the retail and consumer level and to reduce food losses along production, can be measured quantitatively by collecting the related data.

Target 12.4 is a bit more ambiguous; because it depends what one considers “environmentally sound management of chemicals and all wastes.” We can however measure their releases to air (Air Quality Index), water and soil (pH concentrations in water), and may be able to measure the decreased impacts on human health and the environment though this may be more difficult to isolate from other variables affecting the state of health and environment.

We can measure waste generation quantitatively for Target 12.5, in the same way we would measure for 12.4 but in a more broad sense.

Target 12.6 we can collect data on how many companies integrate sustainability information in their reporting cycle, and we can calculate each companies Footprint to see if their practices are…

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