We Can Create Our Own Happiness Essay

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I always believe that life is a mystery for those who find it hard to live it their own way, for those who live it as if the fate has chosen it for them. That is more of a compromise rather than a choice that people make to their lives driven by the awful situations that life put on them. Few find it hard to survive, few find it hard to sail against and there are few who remain inactive for a while busy preparing a ship all those days waiting to sail through the streams moving in the favorable direction one day leading to a way to a new life of their own choice. It is the Shawshank Repetition that taught me the idea: we create our own happiness.
It was chilly spring night when I were returning from my grandfather’s grave. It has been six months since he passed away peacefully. Earlier at that night, my parents told me that we might soon be leaving China to go to United States. I was lost for a time, having no aware of what did this mean to me. I walked aimlessly along the beautifully landscaped paths of the riverside. I looked up into the firmament, listening for a rare sound of flowing river, sniffing the moist air. It was a clear, scant-started night when the moon was near its fullness. I didn’t make any sound, not knowing how long I stayed there; it could have been one or two hours, maybe longer. The country I was leaving never to come back was hardly in my head. I was grew and born in China, and I appreciate the custom and culture there. Their philosophy creates an in…

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