We Can, but Should We? Essay examples

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We Can But Should We?
Dara Shalom
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR361-65561: Information Systems in Healthcare
March 2013

We Can But Should We? “As healthcare embraces technology to improve patient outcomes, streamline operations, and lower costs, the technologies with the most impact are the ones that make things simpler” (Why and How). Various companies are trying to simplify the process of obtaining essential patient information with the use of quick response, or QR codes. These codes are placed on stickers, bracelets, and cards for wallets. When paramedics scan the QR code, they gain access to the patient’s health profile, which contains basic personal information, allergies, medications, and emergency contacts.
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By having quick access to patient’s medical information, the information gathered is more seamless and error-free. QR codes gives patients that are non-responsive or unable to speak a voice. As soon as the code is scanned, the paramedic can have access to information that can help them treat the patient effectively. The President of ERMedStat, Scott Gary, who invented this technology, states that “Sixty-five thousand people die every year in hospital ERs because of one thing: lack of patient medical information... People roll into the emergency room all day long, and they’re unconscious, they’re confused, they’re disoriented, they can’t speak for themselves. So that’s what we do. We speak for them” (Ince). The vital information made available to responders allows them to safely treat individuals that cannot speak for themselves. QR code stickers allow individuals to go in public and still keep their personal information is secure. Ryan Chamberlain, a spokesperson for Lifesquare, stated “If you’re sitting in a coffee shop, nobody can look over and read what your medical history is. It’s just a code, and only the professionals can get to that” (Rich). It also gives people the peace of mind of knowing no matter where they are, in the case of an emergency, first responders can easily retrieve essential health information by simply scanning their quick response code.

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