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Is It Worth the Risk? Social Media and Healthcare
Robert Shaw
NR360: Info Systems
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Fall 2015

Is It Worth the Risk? Social Media and Healthcare
Social media has taken over the way that we interact with one another. It is leading the way in which we communicate with family, friends, coworkers and strangers. It is also the way we keep up with our favorite celebrities and gossip. Social media and the use of smartphones are becoming more prevalent in business and the healthcare field as well. According to Pew Research Center, “62% of smartphone owners have used their phone in the past year to look up information about a health condition” (April, 2015). Technology, just like all things come with flaws
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The patient could have serious internal or external injuries. By delaying the assessment, the nurse is also delaying patient care, which could lead to further complications for the patient down the road. The next day the nurse receives a call from a gossip paper regarding the photo that she had taken. The paper is offering her $20,000 in exchange for the photo, ensuring that the nurse’s identity would not be revealed. The nurse now faces even more trouble for her actions if she is to be caught, because now she is selling the photos that were not supposed to be taken in the first place. There is no way for the nurse to ensure that the gossip paper will keep her identity a secret either. She runs the risk of being exposed which would put her in a whole lot of trouble not only with her place of employment, but also legally. If the nurse’s identity comes out as being the person responsible for the release of the picture, and due to her personal gain from selling the picture, the nurse and hospital could face penalties of up to $250,000 and possible imprisonment of up to 10 years (HIPAA Violations and Enforcement, n.d).
Advantages of Social Media Use in Healthcare
In the previous scenario, the nurse’s use of text messaging put her and her patient at a disadvantage, however, when used correctly text messaging can actually be a great advantage for patient-provider care. It is one of the original features of

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