We Are Raising Awareness For Soil Pollution Throughout The World

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B. We were raising awareness for soil pollution throughout the world. Soil pollution is the contamination of soil with harmful substances that can adversely the health or the soil and the health of those living on it.
Industrial activity has been the biggest contributor of soil pollution. Since the amount of mining and manufacturing have significantly increased, most industries are dependant on extracting minerals from the Earth. This is industrial activity. Whether it is iron ore or coal, the byproducts are contaminated, and they are not disposed off in a manner that could be considered safe.
Waste disposal is another cause of soil pollution. Since the waste is not disposed properly, the waste pollutes the soil and water. Clearly, the actual waste is mostly coming from humans. However, humans just dump the waste in dumps, and it irrefutably pollutes the soil and the water.
Acid rain is another cause of soil pollution. The polluted water could dissolve away at some extremely important nutrients found in the soil and change the structure of the soil. Acid rain is caused when pollutants present in the air mixes up with the rain, and it falls back onto the ground.
Accidental oil spills is the last cause of soil pollution. The chemicals present in the fuel deteriorates the quality of soil. These dangerous chemicals can enter the groundwater, and it will make it undrinkable. Accidental oil spills can happen during storage and transport of chemicals.
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