We Are Not Born Racist Essay

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We are not born racist, rather, we are taught racism, creating societal dilemmas. It is an attitude established by one’s feeling of superiority or one who feels that someone “different” from them is inferior. During the Reconstruction period, the idea that equality among blacks and whites could be obtained was short-lived and as years passed it became increasingly clear. It did not deliver on equality. Instead, it birthed the idea of separate, but equal and used as a way to stunt the growth of African-American people. As racism in the 1920’s heightened, there was no contrasting difference living in the north than living in the south. Ossian Sweet, a man born in the south faced numerous adversities as he strives for a more desirable way of living. His decision to migrate north in search of higher education, job opportunity, and the chance to live the American dream proved challenging and deadly. In Bartow, FL, Ossian Sweet finished his education in the eighth grade. “When the curriculum was completed at the end of eighth grade, the children had nowhere to go but the fields and the phosphate mines.” (64) Education for countless African-American families was not imperative to their survival. Black children, raised in southern homes, understood the expectations of their family; children must work. Families’ brave enough to send their child away for a better education was a sacrifice to their household. Education for blacks was also unimportant to the white community.…

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