We are never without hope, even in the most difficult conflict'' -Paradise road, Oskar Schindler, Nicky Winmar

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We are never without hope, even in the most difficult conflict

Big or small, conflict arises on all social levels in society. Whether conflict comes from within a person or comprises of two or more opposing forces, the way in which we react to conflict greatly reflects our personal qualities. Although the diversity of conflict varies, we are always with hope, even in the most adverse situations. Paradise road highlights the significant responses of Adrienne and Margaret, reflecting incredible fortitude and bravery to keep hope alive. The loyal nature of Oskar Schindler enables over 1200 Jew’s to fight survival, and the burning desire of Nicky Winmar demonstrating hope despite heavy discrimination are examples clarifying that regardless
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The unselfish and considerate nature of Oskar Schindler results in saving the lives of over 1200 Jew’s, eventually ending his life in poverty.

As a former Nazi party member and German businessmen Oskar Schindler is well known for saving the lives of over 1200 Jews during the holocaust. Whilst originally motivated to make profit, the extraordinary initiative and tenacity to help the deprived Jews survive reflected the qualities Schindler had. The powerful and influential actions demonstrated by Schindler enabled the Jews to resemble hope. The opportunity to pray in Schindlers factory helped rehabilitate and restore the minds of the Jews in relations to the disastrous situation. Schindlers intelligence and persuasive skills were used as a vehicle to override and distract the commanding and authoritive request of other Nazi members. The story of two Gestapo officers walking into Schindlers factory with the initiative to get forged polish identity papers, and walking out heavily drunk typifies Schindlers mentality and clever approach to save these Jews. In somewhat comparison to Schindlers incentive to provide hope for the deprived Jews, the actions of an aboriginal resembling hope within their race despite great adversity has to some extent rebuilt the indigenous name as citizens on Australian soil.

The indigenous Australians are a group of

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